The Elephant Caparison is a comet of creativity fathered by artisans of antiquity in God’s own country. This glittering ornaments, be jewels on the elephant forehead and gladdens the heart of the art alive. The legendary figures of Hindu mythology come alive in the intricate imagery of the caparison.

It is an auspicious augury which brings peace, love and prosperity in its wake. The caparison is crafted out of gold and copper. In feudal times caparisons were a measure of wealth of the kings of Kerala and the masses could only dream of owning one. The scenario has changed country high impact polymer and Olive Handicraft.

Various raw Materials have lent themselves to an array of exotic items that are instantly captivating. The amazing diversity in Indian cultures and traditions, ensures variety in the transformation of every single material to a handicraft item. The deft hands of the craftsman breathes life into these Materials shaping them into beautiful pieces of art. Click on to read about the different Materials used in different parts of India, and the various handicraft items made out of them..